Rose Rambles...

By Alexandra Meadors ~ Galactic ConnectionIf
you’re feeling a bit off don’t feel alone. This has been a huge
transitional past week! You may notice physical symptoms such as sore
throat, headache/migraine, extreme exhaustion, upset stomach, nausea,
sinus drainage, congestion in the head and sinuses, and much more. You
may also notice that there are days you can barely get out of bed due to
lethargy, and depression and there’s a good reason for this. Most will
just pass this shift off as flu.
next thing that you may notice is that you feel like an emotional
roller coaster, or what I would call emotional yo-yoing. And this is
because you are entering a higher frequency again, stepping up with
shorter “breaks” from huge incoming waves.
is triggering all of the etheric bodies as well as physical systems
within your body to acclimate to the new vibration…

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