Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, has anyone told you that even from mourning, you will have fun again at no one’s else’s expense? I mean, all to the good of everyone, at no hurt to anyone.

And not to your expense either unless you don’t happen to have the dollars for a fine meal.

You are not always meant to be solemn. Laugh, and then laugh again. You can even giggle. Enjoy. Have a picnic. Enjoy your children. You don’t always have to have a laugh a minute. A laugh one in every five minutes, and you’re off to a good start.

Even if you are alone, have a laugh. Listen to this:

Without any effort, let it be like the old days when life was your cup of tea. Look, while you’re at it, have some laughs. If you’re riding a sad train, get off and get on another train even…

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