Walk through fear to Joy

Love's Beginning

To recognize Divine Will is to face fear. The only fear you could truly have is of love. Every fear you have is about the punishment you believe you will suffer because you have done something wrong. You can only think something can go wrong if you think you did wrong and the anticipated negative experience is your punishment.

You are in charge. You all are Spirit, and you have dominion over what you experience. You can experience deep and never-ending happiness. It is always within your reach. Paradoxically, you experience the truth of your being in charge of your experience when you allow the deeper truth of what you are to take charge. So it seems at first as if you allow something other than what you are to take charge, but you are inseparable from that thing. You only let go of what you never were.

We will…

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Flow with us

Love's Beginning

You give up nothing in giving up reliance on ego. Ego is nothing. It seems like something, and that is the basis of separation perception, judgment and reactiveness. When you ask to see truly, you ask to see beyond your current reliance on ego. To ask to see truly is to express a willingness to release egoic perception.

Every  time you feel tension, you are feeling an attachment to ego. Simply notice today. When you become aware that you feel tension, do you attempt to find a cause in a body or in a world or in a person who seems other? This is the basis of separation perception. Are you willing to have the foundation of separation perception melted away? This is how we can assist you.

So every time you feel tension, remember us. Every seemingly separate one has an “us,” a team of energetic beings constantly surrounding…

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5 Signs of Sacral Chakra Activation



Sacral chakra activation is occurring on a global scale. Gaia is resetting her emotional centre, we have the opportunity to do the same. The matrix is fighting back, bombarding us with heavy, low frequencies. A maelstrom of conflicting energies is stifling many. The elite have upped their assault in response to cosmic gateways of light propelling us towards higher dimensions. The matrix manipulated sacral chakra will give the ego free reign to delve into its greatest fears, as this fuels our vulnerability to short term fixes. We can lose our balance and our sense of self. We forget who we are, what our passions are, our spiritual alignment gets shot to pieces. External forces barrage us with relentless, repetitive programming. Obey, conform, sleep. To clear and strengthen our sacral chakra we break free from this control.

Of the seven main chakras the sacral is tough to balance as it is…

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Channelled Message from the Andromedeans 02/19


We are here to congratulate you on completing level1. The game has changed, as you would say. We witness a new phenomena in ascension, the intricate fusion of light and dark matrix. The duality paradigm has shifted beyond previous dimensional measure. Spanning lower realms, the material plane vibrates within the fourth realm where previously the matrix, the reality you perceived, vibrated on the 3d matrix. Lightbody upgrades assimilate enabling each of you to ascend to the fifth dimension whilst still vibrating on the material plane. This is a wondrous event to witness. We commend all those whose integrity has withstood the onslaught of intensive negative energies in the last few months. We are seeing the phoenix rising from the flames of divine transformation.

The unprogrammable were the first to awaken, then each of you succumb to the ripples of cosmic lightwaves raising the frequencies form within earth and without. To…

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By spending time quietly within you will come to a state of self-acceptance and peace which cannot be found in the world outside.

Johnsmallman's Blog

  Saul Audio Blog for Tuesday February 26th

The Tsunami of Love continues to strengthen and intensify as more and more of you set and hold the intention daily to be only loving, whatever arises.  You all incarnated to do just this, and you are doing it, and it is having a most wondrous effect.  Do not doubt the efficacy of your intentions!  Without them the awakening would be moving a lot less rapidly, so your intentions truly are a most essential aspect of humanity’s collective awakening.  When you come into awareness of what you have achieved you will be amazed, and filled with untold joy.  In fact, you will have become fully awake, you will have returned to your natural and most holy state, that of knowing that you are One with and inseparable from God.

Separation is what You chose to experience when You invented the game…

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Sonia Barrett – The weary human, Bouncing back from the bumps and bruises of the Journey – 2-21-19

Higher Density Blog

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Sonia Barrett
Sonia Barrett


Life as a human being is an insatiable experience despite it being an emotional wild ride. To say the least, it is profound, mysterious, exhilarating and maddening all at once! Being alive is addicting, we want more despite the ups and downs. Then there are those times when we are simply weary and it all becomes too much, yet we hang on for dear life. Somehow most will make their way through challenges time and time again despite the sway of emotions. Emotions are electrochemical impulses that are the translation of sensations entering the sensory system of the body. It is a result of this transmitting and receiving feedback loop of action and reaction. It is this chemical response coursing through our bodies and our minds that cause us to feel vulnerable and powerless.

How can we find stability and balance in this pendulum of emotions? No…

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Let God Lead | Heavenletters

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, time and attention aren’t such big things as they seem in the world. With all respect to you – and I have great respect for the assumed you as anyone could who revolves in this beautiful fantasy lived out in the world can possibly do – stay with Me. Let Me lead. In God you trust. Be in peace. How do you do this? Slow down.

Do you imagine that God whizzes through a spree like time and sees its validating all the ins and outs that are caught up in all of humankind’s thoughts and fantasies?

I weigh in on everything from a different vantage point from what you do. I, God, of course, take all the time in in the world. I give all the consideration in the middle of the mist that you believe is of great consequence.

Consequence at this time does not…

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Message from the Arcturian and Pleiadian Collectives ~ galaxygirl ~ February, 24, 2019

Rose Rambles...

From Voyages Of Light

We are the Arcturian Collective here this day with a message for
humanity. It is true that we all are ascending up a level in the game of
the ascension experience. We are one of your
many mentors, forerunners, but you – you! – are having a truly unique
experience. Ascending in a body on an ascending planet is a very big
deal and a unique one at that. This is one of the many reasons why you
are so lovingly observed and valued for your bravery to partake in this
experiment. As you continually rise up within these energy fields of
advancing codes, more of your own talents and once dormant abilities
will be coming online. This is something to be celebrated, not to be
feared. In fact, we think it is high time for the whole fear experience
to be eliminated. It is…

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Lady Master Venus: You Are Pure Creative LOVE – Channeled by Fran Zepeda 5.29.14


ladymastervenusLady Master Venus:

Hello, I AM Lady Venus. I speak from this channel’s heart today. I appear before her in blue translucent light and bring much Love to her and to you all today.

You have embarked on this journey of LOVE and as such it is becoming more and more transparent to you of its many facets and its depths, its sweet deliverance of feelings you have not tapped into since the early days of your creation.

You are returning now, dear ones. You are arriving at a new plateau, new heights of what Love is for you. It does not ask anything of you. It does not require anything of you. It just requests that you swim inside it. That you embrace it, that you revel in all its facets and depths.

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Message from Archangel Zadkiel ~ You Are A Unique Energetic Manifestation of Creator In All Your Glory ~ Channeled by Fran Zepeda

Our Emerging Divinity

Archangel Zadkiel Artist Unknown

Archangel Zadkiel (Received January 31, 2016):

Greetings all, I AM Archangel Zadkiel, a keeper of the Violet Flame, and I hold you in my flame as I deliver my message to you.

In the hush of your energy now comes much transformation and truth. In the sustainment of truth comes true wisdom for all to perceive and convey. It is with utmost pleasure that I come in now to deliver immense truth and transformation for your continual evolvement and ascension.

Many of you are discovering that you are bereft of understanding of where all this energetic transformation is leading. You are left to your own devises to discover the truth. And that is the name of the game, dear ones. That is the energy of the Now, dear ones — Grasping and holding the energy of your own truth.

In all the transformation that you have…

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