Rose Rambles...

via Adele Arini

Greetings beloved children.

I have happily nominated, or, volunteered myself to give you all with this energy/ascension update today.

is with great joy for me to reveal to you that February will be a month
of massive movements. Each and every one of you will be moving, more
rapidly, down the unique ascension path that has been especially
prepared for you. Doors will be opened, paths revealed, clarity readily
provided – as we need our light-workers to start positioning themselves
at the front lines; as leaders and not as followers.

do not misunderstand this by thinking that you no longer need the
support of your fellow light-workers, or, that it is time to ‘walk the
path’ alone. That is not what we are saying here. Staying in the company
of like-minded souls strengthens your path, resolution, motivation and
of course, it is also fun to…

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