Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, on October 23rd, 2018, Mike, deeply desirous of Godwriting, publicly wrote to Me, God, on the Heavenletter forum. Interestingly, Mike entitled his question:

Human Evolution:

Dear God, Mike wrote, I wish I could communicate with You directly.


Mike Wagner

I said:

Beloved Mike, you are not the only one seriously desirous to Godwrite who feels this way.

I, God, guarantee that you and everyone who seeks to hear Me, and perhaps a few who are not quite so eager to hear Me, will hear whispers from Me when you let it happen, when you get out of the way, when you don’t decide ahead of time that you must have fantastic Godwriting! Yes, you may even have quite ordinary Godwriting, what do you care?

I guarantee that you will get into the swing of Godwriting. Sit back and allow Godwriting to happen.

You are not the…

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