Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, the Godwriting that will write itself today is as yet unknown to you. At the moment today’s Godwriting starts to be written down, this is when My heart begins to become a revelation flowing from your hand. Godwriting is a spur of the moment occasion. It may well be your desire, yet it is not your decision. There will come to be a specific moment when you walk in with Me as One.

Godwriting is truly a gift from God. Beloved, what is not a gift from God? Good grief, what is not a gift from God?

There are occasions when you foresee something that you may think is ripe for Godwriting, you do. You feel its urgings. You may find that the actual topic appears differently from what you had anticipated. Beloved, consider Godwriting like fishing. There is a specific moment when the fish bites.


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