Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, free yourself from all your internal cross interrogations. They visit you rudely and at length. You go over and over these cross examinations. You wear yourself out. You would like to erase them and stop dredging up what you didn’t say and so wish you had said. No longer belabor the past.

You don’t get anywhere. You pick at yourself and repeatedly get nowhere yet go through the interrogation process as though somehow, someway you will do better this time. You keep wounding yourself without getting anywhere. You have already punished yourself enough. You may go on and on to no avail.

Yes, get off this treadmill and the appearance of powerlessness. You tend to go over the same damaged goods, getting nowhere and yet, as if, self-hypnotized, you keep going on and on about what someone said or did that rankles you. You keep pounding away…

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