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This very personal transformation is happening OUT LOUD, in VERY PUBLIC WAYS, on every SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM with HUNDREDS OR THOUSANDS OF VIEWS, and quietly, in bedrooms and kitchens and bathrooms and doctors’ offices; at bedsides, in church pews, cubicles, couches and home offices. Navigation can be quite the challenge. We wear so many hats.

At its core, this is a revolution of love. Do you see?

Are people disappointing you? Are you letting yourself down? Are things moving too fast or too slow or in the wrong direction? Does it feel as if you are in the wrong place? Are you longing to find “home”? Does any of it really matter or really change how you feel? Really?

What will be the point and when will it arrive and what will happen then? To you? What will happen to you?

What happens now is full transparency. All…

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