The Shift of Time and Energy!

black goo

Here we are, on the other side of that big event passageway thingie I call December 5th and I am kind of disappointed that instantly we aren’t seeing and understanding in the way I hoped. That said, a tremendous amount of understanding has come thru in every connection about how we and our teams, including our soul, work together.

December 6th and 7th, everyone was still half in and half out this black passageway thingie, except now the black is very gooey and the people I have read for, remain covered in the black substance, even outside of this wedge of energy.

If we can look at this black energy as the final curtain of the last act of the first cycle that started January 2013, now we come into a super sub-cycle that, I believe, starts January 2019. These last few weeks are working out the details.

Keeping in…

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