Angel Thought for the Day

Mother, Mother, Mother.

You are my Origin, my Inspiration, my Destination.

What do you want of me? How can I best serve you?

Dear One,

Your service now is critical, yet easy: BE. Stop and BE.

Right where you are, find yourself and BE.

When you sit down inside yourself, sit back against your spine. Feel yourself just being. You begin to sense some space in front of you and around you. Almost like you are a big tent. But the tent is your envelope of skin. You are the awareness of it all.

In that quietness of being—the Now—you have no needs (or all your needs are met). All is calm and truly bright.

This moment, this being present, is what you offer up. In this moment you dispel fear. You unseat doubt. You do not feed worries. And from such a position, action that is undertaken is purposeful.

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