While he was alive and could make life easier for another to whatever degree he could, this is exactly what he wanted to do. And so he did.

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, it may well be true that the world is too much with you. You may be over-extending yourself. When you are doing more than you can comfortably accommodate, take some deep breaths. I ask you kindly – who assigns an overload of work to you?

Why do you insist that you must get everything all done or that you are in some kind of jeopardy? How high do you set the dial? What are the consequences you pay? Who says you must do all you set out to do and accomplish it at break-neck speed? Who is it who imposes this on you? Ah, it is a good guess it is you, Beloved.

What race is it exactly you must run? Who has set such limits on you? Who has to give you a break, and who believes you have more energy and whip yourself into shape?…

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