Higher Density Blog

By Diane Canfield

Blessings Beloveds,


I am working on a much longer article about what is taking place Energetically/Consciousness Raising Timelines  but I wanted to write a quick article about our current Ascension symptoms we have been feeling.

Tonight I am extremely thirsty, this came on all of the sudden as many of these symptoms do and I have actually had to stop myself from drinking too much. Yes, this has happened many times before.

These past few days I have been experiencing what I will term as SHIMMERS.  These shimmers can be felt any where on the body, and it feels as if someone is cold but different. They have a wispy goosebump type feeling like crown chakra activations on the head but instead these can be anywhere on the body. I have received them in multiple places on the body recently.

Another symptom we have…

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