Come out of the mines, the caves, the deep caverns where you have been so tediously laboring for ever so long. It is time to come out into the light, and behold the Light of Your Own Soul. You have been all and always will be. You have been the Light and You have been the Dark. Both. You have been the angel and you have been the reptilian. You have been the Chickasaw boy whose grandfather foretold of the coming destruction, and that you small boy, lover of the land, the animals, grasses and trees, would play a part in both its destruction and its restoration.

You have been that very boy who cried for the end of the buffalo, the deer, the wide prairies and the grasses; and you have also been the muleskinner, the buffalo hunter who became wealthy killing so many buffalo and hastening its extinction from the North American prairies and plains, where their dust kicked up blossoms of new unknown flowers. You helped wipe them out, just as you sit there in October 2018 envisioning and imagining their numbers, grand endless numbers of them along the valleys and the hills, much like the wildebeest in the Serengeti. When the flowers return.

You have been both, and you are a child of the Light. Your emotions run too deep for it to be otherwise. You have suffered much and seen much. It is time for your enlightenment.

Come out, come out, for your dark days are ending. Come out and bask in the light, the Light of All Creation! And so it is.

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