“A light and flowering joy carpets the land.”

Love's Beginning

You don’t have anything to achieve in the world, apart from what you end up doing. Traditionally, you would call this laziness. But what is left without the rush-rush and the push-push? If everything is perfectly, divinely in place right now, what happens when you set down the rush-rush and push-push? When you allow that which manipulates through emotion to subside, what arises? That which is perfectly timed and needs no push, through you. It is simplicity itself.

When separate you doesn’t have anything left to achieve, the door is open for the whole of you to work in the world through you. There is no resistance here, no interference. There is delight to see what unfolds. There is willingness to show up as inspired. There is willingness to show up as anything at all, past all requirements of ego, past all resistance.

The world was originally a playground where…

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