wow, and I mean, wow

Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, I, God, am gentle. A God of strength accommodates plenty of gentleness. A God of Strength and Goodness and Mercy has plenty of gentleness to spare for all. What would a God have to fear that he would have to be rough about?

God does not have to use a booming voice. Those who have the most vital messages to convey certainly require only the softest of voices. Powerful as I am, there is no reason for me to turn up the volume. Does anyone, least of all a God, believe He has to bellow in order to be heard?

What greatness can there be from a barrage of noise? No voice is to make anyone tremble. Never did I catch onto the idea of a harsh voice. I do not see value in startling anyone. I am all for giving life comfortable cushions. Let’s give life…

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