Rainbow Wave of Light

God said:

Beloved, in terms of Godwriting, you are the Listener. You are the Godlistener. You are present all right. You are viable. You do not speak for Me. I speak for Myself, and you sincerely write down what you hear Me whisper.

You, whoever you may be, are the handy glorious stenographer who listens to My every breath and writes it down in your mother tongue, oh so quietly, as a blessing to the world and to Me and to yourself as well. You do this for My Glory alone. In the process, you are enriched. This is how it is. You also splurge on this Godwriting Moment that is out of the realm of time.

Just the second after this very Godwriting, your eye fell on a beautiful bouquet of rich plump bursting black grapes on your kitchen table. You marveled at the grapes and got up and…

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