Heal YourSelf by Nourishing Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Today I want to talk about the different stages of dark night of the soul & how depression is not necessarily a bad thing!

I now see depression as a means of transformation. Depression during a spiritual awakening is simply a start of your transformation.

However, I am not saying you shouldn’t professional seek help if you are going through depression right now. If you are questioning your life and considering/thinking about ending it, then please do seek professional help and talk to someone about it.

This is just my personal experience and what I found many other people go through after a spiritual awakening.

Let’s start by defining, dark night of the soul…

So what is dark night of the soul?

A process many people (not everyone) goes through it but many people do when they have their spiritual awakening. It is called ‘dark’ as the person in it…

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