I think this is part 2, God’s answer

Rainbow Wave of Light


God said:

Beloved, in life in the world, instead of your hand touching on love above, your hand may touch on brambles. You do not quite get the point of it – life, that is. You protest toil and trouble and that bug-a-boo called death. You would rule out a lot. You might choose only that which your eye falls on to appear or to disappear according to how you feel about it.

You believe it would mean a lot to you to call the shots in life. Beloved, how short-ranged your constructed logic may be. Life cannot be reduced to logic. There is greater than what you conceive of in your life because there are too many pieces of the puzzle for you to address.

Beloveds, here’s the deal: Life isn’t a thought-process. If you alone were the Creator of life, you might have missed out on the moon…

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