Red Shaman Intergalactic Ascension Mission

Message From Lord Devin Aboard The Flagship Pelegai

Last night, during meditation, I was delighted to be visited by a member of my Starseed family, Lord Devin (one of the last remaining Lyrans (Felines) of pure descent). I have had many previous encounters with him on numerous occasions and have even had the privilege of being able to board the Lion People’s starship, Pelegai, quite a few times during my current lifespan. According to Jalaila Starr’s experiences on Pelegai, here is her personal overview which is very similiar to mine:-

‘Pelegai is the last of the remaining original flagships of the Galactic Federation Council from Lyra. It was built during the time of the First Grand Experiment on the planet Avyon, the First Earth in the Vega Star system of the Lyra Constellation. Pelegai is the forerunner and higher dimensional version of Nibiru.

Pelegai was one of the few ships…

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