The New Divine Humanity

IN response to a question about BEING MORE HUMAN….

I will write more on uniqueness ~ Beings and being on Earth in a so-called form, what a form is and Being what is called Human.

I have written a lot on the ORIGINAL Light, emanating from the VOID….and Being Ascended. Which exists NOW.

I do not know what your beliefs are about BEING a BEING in a human form, which is ALL Light (not solid) ~ I emanate as what appears as allowing a form to function (and co-exist in many existences at the same so-called time) yet my Light surrounds my form and the Earth and the Universe.

SORT of like a virtual Reality of sorts throughout the Dimensions and parallel worlds.

I view life on Earth through a temple I exist in on the Central Sun. I see things HERE from there, yet there is no distance…

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