Forgivness Disected

August 24, 2018 at 4:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Excellent recap of healing


4_FQPForgivness. A much chliched word, reeks of  stratospheric Divinity rather than baseline humaness…easier said than done…. And Yet it is THE KEY to Freedom, To New Timelines , To New  Authentic, Happy , Abundant , Joyous  , Peaceful MASTER YOU!!

Steps to Forgivness

#Accept the fact that you feel anger and resentment,  disappointment etc. Accept it..don’t have to act on it..just accept are human ..and one of the “privleges” humans enjoy is traversing the entire rainbow spectrum of emotions ….the ( fringe?) benefits available only in physical incarnation?!?

#Vent : Then  spent the appropriate amount of time crying/ shouting /  cursing etc whatever makes you feel lighter.There is no shame in venting …remember we still not ” acting ” upon the anger ( NO you can Not put a gun to their temple or take a wrecking Canon ball to their home ) You dont need to be all Divine…

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