Courtesy of Openhand

We’ve been pushed down into boxes for too long. Society has enslaved people by conditioning them to the belief of some kind of material outcome. Like dangling carrots before the donkey, no matter how you chase, they’re dancing illusions always just out of reach. What’s needed is a paradigm shift in the way we think and approach life.

Esepcially now, as the ravages of excessive consumption reveal themselves through abrupt climate change, more and more people are realising the illusion behind the dancing veils. The Shift is simple but dramatic: it’s the straightforward realisation that life is all about the revelation of you as a being. When you live this straightforward realisation, from moment to moment, that actually connects you up to the realigning flow of life itself.

In this flow, right now, the ways of the old paradigm will crash around you. So you’ll have to…

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