I am interested in being part of such a group. If anyone reading this, is also, perhaps we could communicate.

Project Starseed

This was originally published on Stillness in the Storm. 

I want to start openly discussing my vision regarding preparations for welcoming members of our star families and cosmic neighbours to integrate here on Earth and therefore pave the way for Earths’ integration into the Galactic and Intergalactic Community.

Many of us starseeds may have incarnated here to help facilitate Star Family landings and the grassroots integration of these families into local then broader communities, if the very concept of being an ambassador of this sort is of passionate interest to you, then you may be one of them! Considering there are millions of incarnate starseeds here right now, there will be a large majority of others to whom this concept is of no interest which is perfectly fine and they are simply incarnating and living in tune with their chosen genetic blueprint. No one is ‘more starseed than someone else!’…

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