The New Divine Humanity


Lemurian Beings of Light are Sacred Beings that Exist and continue to exist, in Eternal Now ~ in the Heart of the Etheric Frequency of Lemuria.

Once an Ancient Sacred Civilization that existed in Love. Although Predominantly appearing now on Earth as being Feminine in its nature, it truly at the Heart of its Being (Lemuria and Lumerians) in FULL UNION ~ Masculine and Feminine as One.

Sacred Lemuria, your Heavenly Light,
immersed in Golden Flames, of Brilliant Star Light.

Magic and Love, walk hand in hand,
Blessed are those, whose Hearts live in the Ancient Land.

Lemuria ~ Goddess Love and Blessings Be,
I honour and Hold your Divine Feminine and Masculine,
Sacred Mystery.


You may Be here as a Lemurian Human Being~ One who incarnated and held within your Original Soul Blueprint the Codes of Light that Unite your Consciousness in this incarnation with your Consciousness of the Ancient…

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