June 29, 2018 at 5:11 pm (Uncategorized)

I have alighted in Cleveland, Ohio only recently, this morning it dawned on me, after having been here several days that, especially arriving at a new place, sending gratitude to All That Is is important, vital, and significant; it is saying to Spirit I am now here in a new place and I bless the Universe for it, and give thanks for this new place where I am now residing, giving thanks for all things here, as I am a weary traveler who is pausing to say to God, thank you for this place, as I sit in moment after moment of gratitude and bliss.

In this way, I shine my light, I am there! along with the sylphs in the air, the protective loving angels ring around this big city of so many souls, all holding forth at all moments Love, sending love in their joyful frequencies to all who live here, as well as to all plants,  animals, rocks, and water.

I am a daisy shining forth in a field of flowers blooming toward the Great Sun. It is my reason for being, to give thanks in all circumstances, for all circumstances are opportunities to show gratitude; the more difficult they may seem, gratitude to God comes first. It must for me.

And now i understand why I was missing the point about meditation. I once thought of it as a grueling ritual that I could never accustom myself to. Now I view meditation as those moments when I pause, stop, and give gratitude and thanks. Meditation is way of giving thanks


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