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June 16, 2018 at 1:56 pm (Uncategorized)

Rainbow Wave of Light

Mahon Pool Sunrise

God said:

Beloved, is it possible that you, a Child of God, wake up each morning, and the first thing you ask yourself is:

“What is the biggest difficulty I face today?”

If you answer, “Yes, God, this is true.” – you well know I will tell you to cut that out.

Reverse your early morning strategy. Wake up and think more along these lines:

“What is the most wonderful thing that could befall me today?”

“Once upon a time, or even today in a country that may be war-torn, my answer would clearly be: ‘An end to war.’

“If I am blessed to live where there is no war, I will celebrate.

“I have an opportunity to set a better timbre to my day, and so I do. I anticipate a windfall. I take it to heart.

“What I most want is Peace on Earth, Peace on Earth today.

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