More on the Spider Spirit Animal

June 7, 2018 at 3:42 pm (Uncategorized)


Some might remember a previous post about my experience with what I now consider to be a spider animal guide (even though it is an insect, the word ‘animal’ still works here).

I had what I believe to be a profound epiphany that I wish to share here that some may find of interest in their own journey.

First I will describe the area in which this spider dwells. It is on the 7th level in the staircase where I work (at a hospital). There is an area below these big tubes where a big network of webs exist. It is a big area for a little spider but when I’m sitting down in front of the spider (to chit that with it) I can see everything from my perspective (looking down from above):


Well anyways there was one day where I was talking to it and all of the…

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