The Sky Priestess: Dr Bairavee

Uranus’ exit from Aries and entry into Taurus (May 15, 2018) brings with it powerful waves of change in our lives, across the planet…and beyond. We are needing to push through obsolete structures of consciousness and the contracts that hold them to create a new, tangible, manifested reality.

We are part of this incredibly intense planetary birthing. It is woven into our bodies, bones, breath and states of consciousness. Deeply inhale ….. Exhale….. Push…


If you are suddenly experiencing chronic pain, fatigue, extreme symptoms – do not descend into the self-hate game. If people around you are acting out, take a minute to pause before pointing the finger of blame.

Focus on the little stuff. Eat healthy drink water and sleep soundly. This is the first wave of Uranus’ transition. We only see it settling comfortably into Taurus in early 2019.

Save your exasperation and focus on the messages…

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