Coming into Clarity

Awakening Journey

951EB79C-3C40-4247-BACF-4C38D7A3F116.jpegOn our spiritual journey, we come to realize something very important. No matter what the gifts or talents we are given, our humans struggles are all the same. I believe this is what we are here to learn.

After my Kundalini energy rose in March, 2011, I was given the gift of insight, clairvoyance, and visions. However, as I enter my seventh year as a Kundalini active person, my human struggles remain the same. I still need to work hard, fight traffic, and deal with daily difficulties and hardships.

This is what I have come to learn about spiritual journeys. These journeys bring us back to the present which can be difficult as we are tested every day to be a better person, to have patience, and to love and have compassion. These are no small orders.

As humans, we live through fear, surrounded by trauma, and struggle to just…

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A Warmer Climate

Soulsoothinsounds's Blog

Image by Maria Chambers

Not only is the Planet experiencing a climate change, global warming, but there is a change of climate on the Planet.

The light coming onto the Earth is felt by all inhabitants here to one degree or another.  But most people recognize it as something is wrong.  Many see it as a world gone mad, as too many conflicting energies, as corruption at the highest levels.  Some New Agers believe it’s the dark forces.  Many religions see it as the End Times, God’s wrath upon us for not following His rules.

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Urgent Message From The Council of Twelve ! – by DNA Awakening – 4-25-18

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Published on Apr 19, 2018

Your DNA is Awakening , Any Help ?
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The Arcturians, Sananda, and More: Reconnection

We Signed Up For This

APRIL 23, 2018 AT 9:06 PM

Era of Light  /  EraOfLight

Greetings, we are the Arcturian Collective. We come today to discuss the rapid changes that are heading your way and in some cases are already here on precious Gaia, and are changing you from deep within. For old time beliefs no longer ring true, do they not? And things that once brought you fear are now more of a neutral observance of detachment, yes? We see this as progress, improvement, for as you are less attached to this physical reality and become more of an observer in a movie around you, you can more objectively send tremendous love and amounts of violet fire to any and all situations – and be the master that you are, and that you came here to be. For much distraction exists in your realm. Business and constantly ‘doing’ are the fabric of your society, or…

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8 tips for navigating the heights and depths of change

words divinely wrought

Nothing changes like change!
These eight tips first appeared here in August 2008, again in May 2010,
and once more in October 2014.
Timeless — just like your indomitable spirit.

DP240654The Lovers, by Riza-yi `Abbasi (Persian, ca. 1565–1635)

Feeling a certain sense of urgency, a quickening coupled with a tremulous entry into a new dimensional framework? Or does it seem as though you’re all dressed up with no place to go quite yet? Think: Have you asked for new beginnings, prayed for expanded opportunities to serve, invited clearing and release of all manner of limitation, lack and scarcity?

No need to strive for a response: your answers aren’t really all that important. Wherever you are, here are eight handy tips for embracing today’s unsettled energies with a  modicum of ease, grace, and humor.

Maintain your highest frequency of energy and thought. If that means pulling back from negative, depressive, pessimistic…

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The Universe Supports you



I Am Love
I Deserve to be Loved
I Am Joy
I Deserve Success
I Celebrate my Life
Life Celebrates Me

We are heading towards a very powerful Full Moon
These Days are very charged
Dont let this deter you into any negative thoughts
Youve come far
You are asked to maneuver yourself
Through these waters
How strong are your convictions
How much have you come to understand
Who you are
Where youre headed
And what you deserve

Stand Tall
Immerse yourself
In Self Worth and Confidence
You have done so much beautiful work
You are here for a purpose
And you have shed so many layers
That did not serve your Highest path
Now too
Remember as things come up for your review
That you are fully invested in your Highest Good

Treat yourself to rest
As you need
To gently transform
All that comes up
Into the Light…

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