The daffodils showed up early this year in middle February, (seeming two weeks or so early) and met their end to a February frost. As did the white pear tree blossoms. Yet, the redbuds are in full flower, here in north Mississippi, the land of cotton; the tiny violet Spring Beauties sprang up weeks ago, as did the yellow cup-like flowers of the muscadine. The oaks and red maples, hackberry, fruit trees are leafing out right now. The pecans look like giant sticks and spokes of a wheel, as if winter has them still in her grasp. That is not unusual. The lawns are greening and speckled with tiny wildflowers, violet, whites, and yellows. Wisteria abounds in yards, and shrubbery and trees alongside roadside ditches. The bees can be seen now, the bumblebee, the red wasp, and housefly. Not in huge numbers, a few at a time. April has yet to shower us with even more color, as the days grow longer now. The birds are busy in the trees and soon, if not already, sparrows and robins and mockingbird will have young to raise. It is a wondrous time of the year.

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