As you can see I identify with the group of people who came after the forerunners hard work and self-discipline. To judge me from the ego side, I was one of the lazy ones. To assess me from my Higher Self, I have always been a dreamer, and the dream just keeps getting deeper.

I am not one of those who fall for “way-out” spiritual groups or anything; I kept my nose to the grind-stone of liberal Christianity for most of my life, grinding my nose down so low that the tenets of Christianity just drifted by and I viewed them in an embittered sarcastic way. The Resurrection? No way. It defies the laws of science; it was a story told down through the millennia, the story of a Savior rising from the dead, this gospel story is like unto those whose origins lie in the mystical East. It all had to make sense, yet in Sunday sermons this ‘sense’ was laid on his head, if the sermon were to be considered any good. Magic was the missing recipe in most graduate school sermons I heard.

See, at one time I was even considered to preach that nameless Gospel, most of which I disbelieved, and so I didn’t seek ordination after completing a Master of Divinity degree. I thought I had other fish to fry. Namely, the telling of human stories looking for the depth that organized religion could never find among its dogma and doctrine. The truth laid bare in honest human life, and depicting that drama. Yet, my theology remained pretty much the same. A limping-along Christianity.

And when it came to this new way of thinking, a totally new way of thinking, in which energy is the key element, and time is no longer a major player, I had no clues. And often feel now, though I have learned so much in the past five years, that this whole thing with Ascendence doesn’t make any sense. I spent a lifetime trying to figure my way out of life and into its quietened bosom, and I could never make head-way, then comes along Masters of life, Ascended Masters even, Archangels and I didn’t know what to do. I was as lost as a goose in a hail-storm. I was suddenly dependent upon others who had tred the path I had chosen, and were farther along it than I was. They helped me to see the way. And I took their directions.

Now my days are see-sawy at best; lows to highs, then moderate times in which I get some things done. I am not accomplishing alot in these days since I gave in to the perspective that this world holds little for me; and


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