We Signed Up For This

FEBRUARY 23, 2018 AT 9:09 PM

Era of Light  /  EraOfLight

Child of light, you are the most powerful transformative force in the universe. We wish for you to know your own worth and own all that you deserve. Stop making excuses for those who no longer serve the best interests of all involved. Stop facilitating mass unrest with the feelings you are no longer able to transmute. Transmute and transform. That is your goal. Transmute and transform into love, dear girl. For you are a force to be reckoned with now dear child.

You are the bounty of grace filled with divine white light. Re-calibrate, adjust to the higher vibrations you are receiving now. It will keep building until you are adjusted. This can bring a time of uncertainty and unrest as the vibrations above and below start to connect.

The best thing you can do for yourselves is to rest…

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