Tiffany Stiles

Dear Beautiful Souls!

I will put the information up front that this particular Energy Report is encoded with extremely high frequency codes of Cosmic Light! If you are ready to accept these high vibrational codes within, this article will resonate with you on a deep soul level.

I want to say, this is New Earth! This is embodying multi-dimensionality Quantum Consciousness. Being an observer detached from controlling outcomes is now the norm. When the carbon based body starts activating crystalline frequencies and holding new light quotient and anchoring this energy, holding this energy and maintaining this energy, your vibrational frequency increases. There are many ways in which triggers occur to wake up dormant information encoded within. These could be numbers, sound frequency, geometric shapes or patterns, places, etc… These are things you chose before incarnating into human form to assist you in waking from amnesia.

This Energy Report holds a…

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