Recently I found out about a couple new T.V. shows that were recommended by secret space program whistleblower Corey Goode, who was referred by someone who recommended it to him. Thank you whomever you are!

The first show is called ‘The Expanse’ and it takes place in space. It depicts people who are slaves that work in the asteroid belt. Whenever they try to rise up against their oppressors (a group of corporations) their air and water is restricted.

In the show the U.N. controls Earth and Mars has an independent military structure (break away civilization sound familiar?).

They show a lot of badass technology that we have heard from whistle blowers, such as lighting that doesn’t appear to come from a light bulb or anywhere and other amazing technologies.

The first four episodes are free to watch on Syfy.com. Interestingly, the show, which is based off a book, is…

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