Illuminations Now!!

… I am too afraid of what I might discover that can stop me from functioning and doing any type of meaningful light work at all…Channeled by Genoveva Coyle.

Greetings my dearest and bravest ones! I am Uriel, Archangel of love and silver light of the truth, bringer of the peace, bringer of the future, your beloved brother and friend, and always your ally.

I come to bring you my gentle Silver Flame to assist you in recognizing all that is holding you back. Yes, all of those false mental and emotional constructs, but at the same time to have you see when you are avoiding and distracting yourselves from fully engaging in this process of untangling and unwrapping your true selves from layers upon layers of veils.

You are procrastinating and postponing that moment of opening this wonderful present and gift that you, in your…

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