Here I am in Mississippi. Okolona, Mississippi on this date. I have been here for going on two years, living in a small rural town, voluntarily disconnected from other places and people I would love again to be amongst. But I am here for a purpose, to learn how to consciously live as God, the Divine Energy of all the universes, has chosen for me to live, to act out the Divine quality that is my heritage, my reason for existence. To live and abide in God’s consciousness of harmony, love, forgiveness, and openness and express this Divinity in every moment, with my thoughts, feelings, words and deeds. Not an easy task sometimes when the needs of the self-centered self often drowns out this eternal consciousness, of which God has made me responsible to proclaim, live, and breathe. And all done to aid not me, but to aid the awakening of others, support the groans and pains of Mother Gaia as she struggles to put on the garment of higher dimensional energies.

Nonetheless, not an easy task to rise out of the ashes of the 3rd dimension illusions that captivate me so, to that of awakening to the God Within Me, which is the stamp of higher dimensions of which God has made me capable of traversing, when I remain open through prayer and meditation, exemplify generosity, forbearance, kindness, and understanding to others, while hearing and  listening to the Mysteries that surround me from other higher-loving dimensions, even as I type these words.

I pray now for all whom I know who are suffering pain, depression, and loneliness, these lower vibrations that are breeding around us and them at this time of our lives. I know that even today certain of my friends are experiencing these feelings and harboring these thoughts that burden their souls. I pray for illumination for them. That they may be able to see past their pain to the joy that awaits them when they give up on trying to make sense out of a senseless mirage like we see in front of us everyday, and listen to the God who is calling them, and all of us,  to focus not on our pain and our path of many sorrows, which is a never-ending path that will never satisfy, but to spend time thinking and feeling, realizing and claiming back our own heritage and rights given to us by the Author of all life and goodness, the I AM that makes all creatures and all particles, and in that way makes them all of God in their very essence. We creatures of the third dimension are God’s expressions. We are his Divine attributes, all of us in our individual selves and bodies.

Imagine a field of wheat, an enormous never-ending field that goes on and on to the horizon. And in this field are individual stalks of wheat, all growing and sprouting. Growing under the broad expansive Sun that warms and beckons all to blossom at their own times. Some of us wheat stalks are only beginning to push our green heads above the Earth, others who blossomed earlier are rising higher to the Sun whose light calls them forth. But eventually, we all shall blossom! and produce the fruit from the seed that our Maker planted. We are all these plants growing up under a Great Central Sun.

We will all awaken and know this, and cherish it in our hearts one day. And on that day we shall know God and never forget who we are and where we came from. Perhaps today, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps next year, but soon you will know that is time for you to blossom and bear divine fruit. Pain and sorrow may indeed drive you to the arms of God, who, in reality, has held you in its loving embrace all these many years of yours, even while you thought you were so far from God. None of us are separate from God. Hallelujah. Our pain only shows how close we are to realizing this.

Let us then grow out and away from our sorrows as we release our fears and our control and feel ourselves blowing in the breeze of God’s light that shines eternally on us in that great field of plenty which we are. We are the Children of God. All of us. Until we embrace Who We Are instead of our mortal and temporary fear and sorrows, we will never be content. We shall only be content and satisfied when we grasp with assurance and overwhelming peace the knowledge that God has chosen us to be the Light of the World. Let us all shine! Shine! Shine, Shine!


One thought on “November 27, 2016

  1. Yes, it is far from easy to rise up out of the ashes of 3D illusions . And yes, all will blossom in their own time..
    May you continue to add Love and Light into the World, And thank you for your reposting of my blog post today..
    Love and Blessings

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